As an engineering manager, you have many 1-1s with your reports.

If you have 6 or fewer reports, then we recommend pinning each 1-1 bucket to the left side panel with Speed Dial.

If you have more than 6 reports, we recommend pinning the “1-1s” bucket to the left side panel with speed dial and then navigating from there.

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To create a new bucket for a new report, hit the + on your keyboard. A modal should pop up and you can name it Ren 1-1'sfor example. We're assigning a speed dial by default so it will be available for quick access in the left side panel. Let's say the Ren 1-1's bucket has been assigned to speed dial 11. Later, you can quickly hop to it by hitting 11g .

Inside the bucket, you should see a number of configuration options, including Show timestamp and Scroll to bottom . Enable those as you choose.

During the meeting, jot down notes, designating what’s important using colors (l) and marking action items with a checkbox (x).

Recall that you can enter insert mode by hitting the space key and use shift + enter to create multiline notes.

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Recall that when you put a checkbox on a bucket, then you’ll see that checkbox in your global Tasks modal.

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If you’d like to send any follow-up's to the top of your meeting note, select the byte and then hit the f command.

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Updated 15 Apr 2022
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