Let's say that you're brainstorming ideas for how to improve database performance and just want to get thoughts down fast and messy.

Hit <number>q to jump into a new note in that Speed Dial.

'0q' to jump into new brainstorm in Untitled.
'0q' to jump into new brainstorm in Untitled.

This bucket currently lives in Untitled and is unnamed, but since you're in a rush that's fine.

During the brainstorm, jot things down freely using the textbox. Don't worry about formatting -- you can come back and do that later.

After the meeting, go in and organize. You rename the bucket database performance braindump by hitting esc to escape the textbox and enter command mode, then hitting E to edit/rename the bucket. You can also highlight the most promising solutions in green or another color using the l command to open the colors modal and your arrows to select a color.

Now, you can move the bucket to your broader braindump bucket by selecting the database performance braindump and then hitting cmd k . Selecting Move to bucket in the dropdown menu will pull up a modal that allows you to select the bucket you want to move it to. This broader braindump bucket has show timestamp enabled so that you can easily see the most recent braindumps.

Updated 15 Apr 2022
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