Tasks in Bytebase are denoted by a checkbox to the left.

Create a byte with a checkbox

[] - Start a byte with [] to create it as a task. You can also do [/] to start it off as in progress, or [x] to start it off as done.

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Add checkbox to existing byte

Select the byte and then hit x to add a checkbox. Once the checkbox has been created, you can hit x again to fill it in. It's a 3-state checkbox: open, in-progress, done.

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Remove checkbox

Select the byte and hit shift - x to remove the checkbox.

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Tasks by default

If you are in a bucket where you'd like for all newly created bytes to have a checkbox, you can set "Tasks by default." First, go to Settings. Then Select the "Tasks" option.

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View all Tasks across workspace

The Tasks modal shows you all bytes that have checkboxes from across your workspace. Open the modal by clicking on "Tasks" in the bottom left of your screen or with the shift - t shortcut.

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Create a Task using Tasks modal

Use shift - t to open up the Task modal. Click + button. enter the Task description. choose the parent bucket and hit the

Create task button.

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Updated 19 May 2022
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