Meeting Notes

Hit a speed dial number followed by Q to jump into a new note.

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Note that this bucket lives in whatever Speed Dial you selected and is unnamed, but since you're in a rush that's fine.

During the meeting, you take notes on the customer's needs. Using the l command, you mark evangelists within the client company in green.

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Using the x command, you create checkboxes that denote action items like checking if a certain integration is available. Finally, the client gives you a set of bash commands that you can use to debug the integration and you jot that down in markdown.

After the meeting, you rename the bucket krogers sales engineering meeting by hitting esc to escape the textbox and enter command mode, then hitting E to edit/rename the bucket.

You can now move the bucket to an overarching sales meeting bucket by selecting the krogers sales engineering meeting bucket and then hitting cmd k . Selecting Move to bucket in the dropdown menu will pull up a modal that allows you to select the bucket you want to move it to.

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Updated 02 May 2022
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